What Are The Creme De La Creme In Overhead Garage Doors?


An overhead door is just one way to make the exterior of your home shine. The entire garage door system can add convenience to entering and exiting your house, while the door itself complements the exterior facade of your home. If you are looking to make an overhead door choice that speaks to luxury, the options below should be on your radar. 

Material Choices

What materials speak to the fact that you've invested money into making your home beautiful? There are a few go-to options. One of them is wood. Modern wood doors are moisture wicking, meaning that you won't have to worry about having the door deteriorate along with weather conditions. And a beautiful wooded overhead door goes as a great complement to a stone exterior or even hardy panel. 

Glass is a unique but powerful garage door choice as well. Consider using a glass door with aluminum framing. Of course, having a lot of glass on your garage door will present some security issues, since it will be featuring whatever is inside your garage. Make sure you have the security features to match if you decide to go with a glass garage door. 

Opening Mechanisms

The material choice has a lot to do with the appearance of the door. But the garage door opener deals with how people experience the garage door. Some garage door openers specialize in making little noise. The belt drive garage door opener is one choice, and since it uses rubberized parts instead of metal pulleys, the machine makes very little noise. A direct drive garage door opener, on the other hand, is perfect if you value speed in a garage door opener. 

Storm Proofing

If you want to have an elegant and functional garage door, another area to pay a lot of attention is in the storm proofing. There are several storm proofing options that are less than ideal for a beautiful setup. Fabric covers, for instance, are probably more hassle than what you'd want in an elegant overhead door. Check that the material has an insulated core and that it is already rated for storm proofing. There is the option of adding bracing to the backside of the door, which is also less visible to house guests.

There are many other decisions, such as color, that can also affect an overhead door installation; speak with your garage door supplier to ensure that you make all of the right decisions about your door. For more information, contact companies like Automatic Door Company.


7 April 2017

A Worthwhile Remodeling Project

Have you lived in your home for several years? Perhaps, you feel you need to complete some remodeling projects at your house to make it look like new again. If you’re interested in improving the curb appeal of your property, replacing your garage door is a wonderful idea. You can completely change the appearance of the exterior of your home by investing in a new garage door. If you’re addicted to rustic designs, you might adore a wooden garage door. If you gravitate toward modern styles, a steel garage door may be your best choice. On this blog, I hope you discover some of the most popular types of garage doors available today. Enjoy!