Turn Your Old Unused Garage Into Comfortable Guest Quarters


Is your garage just sitting there collecting dust? Why not turn the space into cozy guest quarters and expand your overall under roof square footage? Here is an outline you can use to make it happen:

Replace the Garage Door

One of the most effective ways to transform your garage into an inviting and comfortable guest quarters is to replace the garage door and opener so the entrance is multifunctional. Choose a new garage door that features an inset walk through door in it so guests can enter and leave their quarters without having to open the entire wall. The garage door should also have inset windows to provide the interior space with natural light and a view to the outdoors.

Finally, invest in a garage door opener from a place like Raynor Door Company that features a quiet motor, safety sensors, and the ability to open the garage door in increments so your guests can create a custom indoor-outdoor environment while staying with you. You can even find options on the market that will allow your guests to control the garage door opener with their smartphones or computers for convenience.

Update the Floors and Walls

If your garage is like most, it has drab walls and cement floors that aren't very comfortable or inviting, so they'll have to be spruced up before guests come to visit. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new floor and wall coverings, consider simply giving everything a new paint job. Not only will paint breathe new life into the flooring and walls, but it can be used to enhance your guests' moods while they are living in the space.

Painting the floors green or blue will help keep stress levels low and create a calming, restful environment. Accenting the walls with shades of yellow or orange will bring excitement and joy to the space. Gather a variety of different colored swatches and play around with them in the space to determine which options would make the best impression.

Create a Basic Kitchenette

For convenience and to ensure that your guests don't have to barge through your personal space every time they want a snack or something to drink, create a basic kitchenette along one wall inside the garage before furnishing it. Start by installing a floating shelf at about waist-height on a wall of your choice, then putting a mini-fridge and garbage can underneath it. Place a small microwave and hot plate on top of the counter, leaving room to prep snacks and make tea. If a utility sink is already installed in the garage, consider leaving it in place and creating the kitchenette next to it so guests can use real dishes and wash them.

Introduce Multipurpose Furnishings

Make the most of your new guest quarters by incorporating multipurpose furnishings, that along with the kitchenette will make the space feel more like a studio apartment than just a room or garage. Instead of putting a couch and bed in the quarters, opt for a futon or fold-out couch so the area it's in can convert into either a bedroom or living room based on your guests' needs.

In place of an entertainment center, incorporate a multi-level desk that's big enough to hold both a computer and television for combined functionality. Install shelving on the walls for clothes, towels, and other necessities so a dresser isn't needed.  The idea is to utilize furnishings that provide more than one function so your guests can make the most of the space.

Using this outline to create new guest quarters in your garage will help ensure that you impress anyone who visits you whether for one night or a month. 


18 April 2017

A Worthwhile Remodeling Project

Have you lived in your home for several years? Perhaps, you feel you need to complete some remodeling projects at your house to make it look like new again. If you’re interested in improving the curb appeal of your property, replacing your garage door is a wonderful idea. You can completely change the appearance of the exterior of your home by investing in a new garage door. If you’re addicted to rustic designs, you might adore a wooden garage door. If you gravitate toward modern styles, a steel garage door may be your best choice. On this blog, I hope you discover some of the most popular types of garage doors available today. Enjoy!