Secure Your Property Through Vigilance - Signs Your Residential Garage Door Needs Service


For many people, the garage serves as an afterthought. Whether it's used as a storage space for various odds and ends, a workshop when necessary, or merely for its intended vehicle storage purpose, it's unlikely that you put a lot of careful consideration into its upkeep. However, given how important your residential garage door is in protecting your property, it may be smart to be more focused.

Below, you'll find a guide to a few signs that your garage door may be in need of service. Keeping your eyes and ears open will allow you to avoid the stress that comes with a broken door, and should put you in a position for substantial financial savings that come from proactive and not reactive actions.

Slow or Uneven Movement

When you garage door motor and spring are functioning correctly, the motion to open the door should be fluid and fast. The door will lift up evenly and without any fits and starts, and when it reaches the roof of the garage, it should lay flush and square.

If you notice your garage door's opening mechanics changing in any way, it can be a sign of weakness in the spring or mechanical faults in the motor. Though these flaws can be quickly addressed by a competent service agency, if they're allowed to fester for too long they can pose a serious risk to both people and property.

Unexpected Moisture

Maintaining a weatherproof seal is an important part of making sure that your vehicles and your stored property aren't damaged by garage storage. Those seals also help make sure the door is firmly secured, so they play a role in home security if your family tends to leave the entry door from the garage unlocked.

Finding water on the floor of your garage near your door can be a sign that the seals are starting to lose their integrity and need to be replaced. You should be sure to conduct regular inspections in order to guarantee that you receive the reliable weatherproofing you desire.

Unusual Sounds

The sounds you hear every day may blend into the background and go largely unnoticed. Your garage door noises are likely among those, so when they change, you may be likely to notice in a hurry. It's important to pay heed to that warning, because any grinding, hesitating, or metal on metal sound can be a clue that your door is coming unseated or is struggling mechanically, and those issues need to be addressed as quickly as possible.


6 May 2017

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Have you lived in your home for several years? Perhaps, you feel you need to complete some remodeling projects at your house to make it look like new again. If you’re interested in improving the curb appeal of your property, replacing your garage door is a wonderful idea. You can completely change the appearance of the exterior of your home by investing in a new garage door. If you’re addicted to rustic designs, you might adore a wooden garage door. If you gravitate toward modern styles, a steel garage door may be your best choice. On this blog, I hope you discover some of the most popular types of garage doors available today. Enjoy!