Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Sealing Gaskets


Garage door repair often results when a door lacks something it should have. For example, all garage doors should have sealing gaskets. These thick, rubbery bits should hug the bottom, top, and side edges of the garage door. The sealing gaskets serve a number of purposes, all of which are good reasons for installing the gaskets in the first place.

Keep out the Cold and Wet

Sealing gaskets keep out the frigid air, which can cause problems with your car starting in the winter. The difference between having the garage door gaskets and not having the gaskets can be as much as twenty degrees inside your garage versus outside. That twenty degrees can make or break your car's ability to turn over when you need to get to work. 

The gaskets also keep out rain and snow. Moisture in your garage is something you want to avoid, since most garages are made of wood. Keeping the garage dry also deters pests that like wet wood, such as termites and earwigs.

Keep out the Bats

Bats LOVE to roost in garages. There are lots of spaces and places for them to sleep during the day. They can "scent up" the place with their personal pheromones excreted in their urine and feces (or guano). They do tons of damage to garages, and you cannot exterminate them because they are protected. However, you can keep them out of your garage by first keeping the garage door closed. Then use sealing gaskets to prevent these critters from flattening their bodies like mice and squeezing past the opening at the top of the closed garage door.

Keep out Lots of Other Pests

Hornets and wasps love to nest in garages too. They squeeze past the openings left on the sides of the garage door when no sealing gaskets are present. Mice will scuttle in underneath the garage door if you give them half an inch of room. With a sealing gasket all along the bottom of the garage door, mice cannot get under and through. Lots of other pests love garages because their homes are relatively unbothered by humans most of the day and all of the night when they are sleeping or active.

No Gaskets? Time to Install Them

If you look around the edges of your garage door and you do not see rubber sealing gaskets at all, you should call a garage door repair expert. He/she will install these strips of rubbery material and show you how they work. You should probably do that before spring, as bats, hornets, and wasps will come out of hibernation and begin looking for their "home."


7 February 2018

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