Is Your Garage A Mess?


Have you been parking one of the family vehicles outside of the garage because there's not enough space for the car? Perhaps you can't even easily access the garage because your garage door opener isn't working. From arranging for garage door opener repair to getting your garage organized, here are some ideas that might help: Garage Door Opener Repair When you were a kid, did your mother or father have to manually open the garage door?

26 November 2018

Maintenance Recommendations To Keep Your Garage Door Looking And Functioning Well


Your home's garage door gets quite a bit of work every day, with each time it opens and closes when you leave and arrive back at home. And you expect your door to work in harmony with your opener and its motor for it to operate appropriately, so when either of the components fail, your door fails you. With all the wear and tear your garage door's mechanics experience in addition to outside weather conditions, it is important to keep your garage door maintained and in good repair so it remains in working order and does not fail or harm you or anyone else.

19 September 2018

Why Winter Is Tough On Your Garage Door


Late fall is a good time to have your garage door serviced and prepared for winter. Winter can be hard on garage doors when the temperatures get cold. By making sure your door is in good shape, you might prevent some problems from happening. Here's why winter is a tough season for your garage door. Metal Contracts When It's Cold One problem with cold weather is that it causes metal to contract.

8 May 2018

Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Sealing Gaskets


Garage door repair often results when a door lacks something it should have. For example, all garage doors should have sealing gaskets. These thick, rubbery bits should hug the bottom, top, and side edges of the garage door. The sealing gaskets serve a number of purposes, all of which are good reasons for installing the gaskets in the first place. Keep out the Cold and Wet Sealing gaskets keep out the frigid air, which can cause problems with your car starting in the winter.

7 February 2018